Golden Rules for newsletters

While we all know that newsletters serve as a great medium to connect with your subscribers; it’s also quite important to know how to relay all your exciting promo’s, deals and news in a manner that will incite more “action” from your customers. When we say “action” we actually mean sales. There’s nothing more morbid…
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The right product image

Having an eCommerce shop is the equivalent to having a physical store; only difference is the virtual aspect. Creating an exciting and welcoming atmosphere in every aspect of your online shop will surely go a long way in reaching your target sales (and brand awareness of course).   In a physical store, the consumer can…
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Just how many South Africans buy online?

A report evaluating the impact that eCommerce sites have on South Africa can give us a bit more insight on what trends South Africans tend to adopt when it comes to buying online. There are some very interesting factors deduced from these results, released by effective measures. Just some of these stats include; A surprising…
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Secure your eCommerce store

  One of the biggest and most important factors of running a successful eCommerce store is having the correct and proper payment platforms but, with that also comes the responsibility of making sure that your online store is safe and secure from any spam,hacks or fraud. The biggest secrets in the eCommerce industry today is…
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