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Let’s go online SA! Your Guide to Taking Your Store Online

The retail space is tough. . . Highly competitive with similar stores vying for the same consumers. You have to be at the top of your game with the best in products, services, staff and store location to ensure you stay ahead.

We understand the struggles of the erratic South African economy and know that no business is ever too safe. However, we at eCommerce South Africa remain optimistic especially when it comes to online marketing. As you may know, South African citizens have become one of the biggest users of mobile devices.

The statistics speak for themselves with over 23 million smartphone users in South Africa, a population penetration of 47%!


With that being said, if your store is a successful outlet, why not open another? The opportunities posed by an online store are endless. And we are here to guide you through the process. There are a few things to take into consideration. . .

  • First and foremost- Allocate persons to manage the Setup, Delivery and Customer Care

Your retail store may have managers, salespeople and cashiers. This makes it easy to identify the roles and duties for each person.

An eCommerce store on the other hand varies in that; the owner may handle everything from taking orders, packing and shipment if the store is small enough. It would be advisable to have someone manage the store should it be more than a few products on the site.

You need to ensure you have enough time and personnel to manage the store online. It is senseless building a new store and leaving it for days on end unattended. This will reflect poorly on your brand and you may lose out on potential sales.



  • Will build the store
  • Manage the operations on a daily basis
  • Packaging and delivery/shipment
  • Customer service- Communication is Key
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Attending to technical glitches

We at eCommerce South Africa have the solutions and support to handle many of these questions, click here for our services!

Carefully consider these and put it into perspective. This may seem daunting at first, but once these have been resolved and implemented you are assured to have a smooth running online store with minimal hassles!

  • Arrange the delivery/shipping details- What’s your deal?

The logistics of your products is dependent on. . .  what you are selling!

How are you going to get your products to your customers timely, efficiently and in the condition they are meant to be in?


Antiques in-store are easy to pick up and sell, online delivery or shipment takes careful consideration.

Do not leave these details to the last minute. Do research on delivery companies who are reliable and are able to provide a responsive service to the customers you serve.

  • Learn more about: Preparing your products for online

The products you choose to put online do not necessarily need to be every item you have in store. Or you may choose to put them all. This is completely up to you!

What you need to do is avoid backorders. Keeping your customer waiting for their order may leave a bad taste in their mouth. So prepare your inventory or your suppliers for products you may need on short notice.


Pay attention to the needs of your online store. Ensure you make note of the features you require when putting it together.

  • Your platform, add-ons and plug-ins

More research . . .

  • Prepare yourself adequately for the maintenance and time taken in going through your orders.
  • Updating your site with the latest offers
  • Add on extensions such as subscriptions.
  • Cost of the payment platform

Take the time to read up and consider these. Should you be well prepared within this space you are well on your way to making your digital store a smooth sailing one.

It is evident that careful consideration needs to be taken in researching the operations of your business. You will reap the rewards of your store if you follow these easy and simple tips! And hey, we are here to guide you all the way. Follow us on all social platforms for everything there is to know about eCommerce especially within South Africa J


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