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If you’ve recently switched over to Magento for your enterprise-level website, we can help you get the most out of this platform’s functionality. Common problems can include projects that fall behind schedule or issues with your data, and our knowledgeable staff can show you how to resolve these problems when working with Magento.

eCommerce South Africa will provide you with a complete and customized Magento Support and Maintenance package tailored to your specific business needs. You will receive one monthly invoice for your site management, marketing and routine maintenance. We will also assign you a dedicated support staff individual to address all of your concerns when using this platform.




Each of our support packages includes:

  • Phone and email support so you will always be able to reach us
  • Maintenance of your site’s infrastructure
  • Patches and fixes for any site problems
  • Layout design and site artwork
  • Product imports
  • Social media promotion
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Benchmarking of major competitors
  • Management of shopping transactions
  • PPC management
  • SEO consultation
  • Strong keyword research
  • Complete Magento code analysis
  • Strategic ecommerce planning

One of our first steps is a full evaluation of your existing Magento site to ensure it was installed correctly, and we will create a detailed report of what needs to be fixed or patched. We also create a custom checklist so you are able to take full advantage of all Magento’s features. This information will help you get your site up and running quickly.  Our Company Develops and Implements on eCommerce platforms , and we have an excellent track record of support for helping entrepreneurs create high-converting eCommerce websites. For more details, contact us today by phone or email.

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