Online Marketing

What's Your Marketing Strategy?


You can have a professional and eye-catching website for your business, but its appearance means nothing if it doesn’t generate any traffic. This is where an inbound marketing strategy comes in, including social media posting, blogging, newsletters and video-based content. Each of these online promotion methods will make a dramatic difference in the number of people who visit your site on a regular basis. Compared to other forms of traditional offline marketing, inbound marketing is relatively new.

Nonetheless, it has still caught on in a big way for start-up businesses of all types.
In contrast to expensive billboard or television ads, online inbound marketing has low overhead costs. Due to the millions of online users and a very large potential customer base, this kind of marketing can also have a very good return on the initial investment.
Business owners can see highly visible results from inbound marketing because it is highly measurable with solid numbers. At eCommerce South Africa, we will work with you to develop the best inbound marketing strategy for your particular business.

We create detailed plans that include the following criteria:
• Content value
• Content people want to share
• Content that will push sales conversions

Along with our inbound marketing consultations, be sure to check out our other services that can help take your website to the next level:
• Search engine optimization
• Email marketing campaigns
• Conversion rate consults
• Social media promotion
• Hubspot consults
• Multivariate testing

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