PPC Management

What Can PPC Management Do For Your Business?



Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a method of driving noticeable traffic numbers to your website in a relatively short time. It can get the attention of potential customers who are seeking your company’s products or services as solutions to common problems they’re having. A PPC ad works as a paid link that appears next to or sometimes above the organic page results on a search engine listing. The most common search engines that have PPC ads include Google, Yahoo and Bing. Start-up companies use PPC ads frequently because this method is highly quantifiable and can increase even a brand new site’s visibility quickly.

At eCommerce South Africa, we employ a team of PPC experts who will ensure you get a great return on the invested funds you initially spent on one of these ad campaigns. We will help you put together the best PPC strategy possible for attracting interested buyers for your products and services.

A good number of companies actually spend too much for a PPC campaign--sometimes as high as 50% overspent. The underlying reason is a lack of effective optimization for their online ad campaigns, leading to both wasted time and money. To avoid this pitfall, we’ll work with you to apply the best possible optimization strategies to ensure your ads are seen and clicked. This plan of action will increase your ROI, strengthen your revenue numbers and lower the amounts you need to keep spending on PPC advertising.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with all of the following for your next campaign:

• Geo-targeting
• Bid management and strategy
• Testing of ad copy
• Effects of negative keywords
• Data reports on a monthly basis

Additional consulting services at eCommerce South Africa include SEO ranking consults and assistance with conversion rates.

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