Search Engine Optimization and Your eCommerce Websiteseo

Seeing your website rank at the top of a search engine results page is an excellent feeling, and it’s the product of detailed strategizing. It only comes from consistent SEO practices, and eCommerce South Africa can help you attain this goal. The process of optimizing your site for the best natural search results takes time, research and planning. It can also become rather costly in terms of both finances and productivity, which can sometimes take away from other areas of your business that require attention. To keep things running efficiently and to increase your site rankings, our team of SEO experts can assist you.

Over 90% of online searchers don’t click page the first page of results when they are looking for specific information. If your site doesn’t appear on that first page, you’re missing out on a considerable number of potential visitors. SEO planning starts early while your site is in its beginning phases, and it involves these detailed steps:

  • Selecting the best possible niche keywords
  • Putting together a website layout that’s easy for search engines to “crawl”
  • Linking your pages so that search engines can identify them as connected to the same website

These three components lay a solid foundation for building up your site’s SEO rank over time. Seeing results also involves careful monitoring and analysis of your traffic on a regular basis, and this part is also where SEO eCommerce services can save you significant time. Once a business’s website moves to the first page of the search results page, statistics show it will have about a 78% increase in daily traffic.

eCommerce South Africa will work with your site’s SEO using the following time-tested methods:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Site registration with major search engines
  • Optimizing page titles and headers
  • Building back-links to your landing page
  • Article directory submissions
  • Press release writing
  • Marketing campaigns using social media

Our company also offers pay-per-click campaigns with excellent returns on your initial investment. Once you have good traffic numbers, be sure to ask us about our conversion rate consulting services to help increase your revenue even more.

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