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PPC SEO Online Marketing
We employ a team of PPC experts who will ensure you get a great return on the invested funds you initially spent on one of these ad campaigns. We will help you put together the best PPC strategy possible for attracting interested buyers for your products and services. Seeing your website rank at the top of a search engine results page is an excellent feeling, and it’s the product of detailed strategizing. It only comes from consistent SEO practices, and eCommerce South Africa can help you attain this goal. At eCommerce South Africa, we will work with you to develop the best inbound marketing strategy for your particular business.

We create detailed plans that include the following criteria:

- Content value
- Content people want to share
- Content that will push sales conversions

Proximity Marketing Conversion & Consulting Magento Support
In collaboration with SoFi, the first social media wifi powered platform in South Africa, we aim to take your business to a whole new level. Gone are the days of simply connecting to a WiFi hotspot . SoFi introduces a more productive and sophisticated approach to connecting to WiFi in public places- connecting with one’s social media profile. We provide comprehensive conversion rate advice to businesses in many different niches, and our past research has given us a clear picture of what works and what should be skipped. During your consults, we’ll show you step-by-step methods for drawing in more ready-to-buy customers. We’ll also take you through test measurement procedures for checking how your rates are doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When you succeed, we do as well. If you’ve recently switched over to Magento for your enterprise-level website, we can help you get the most out of this platform’s functionality. Common problems can include projects that fall behind schedule or issues with your data, and our knowledgeable staff can show you how to resolve these problems when working with Magento
eCommerce Mobile App Development
With more and more customers using their mobile phones as a platform for their online shopping, it is thus imminent that any online store owner integrates a concise and user-friendly mobile app into their eCommerce Business.

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