Tablet Commerce- The New Revolution in eCommerce


Tablet commerce has received increased attention in recent years as more people are using them in place of desktop or even laptop computers. Retailers and business owners are now demanding eCommerce platforms that are compatible with tablet operating systems. Our company’s team of site developers can create an excellent tablet eCommerce platform for your business, one that includes an app-like website, optimization for the iPad operating system and the “lean-back” experience important to a large number of tablet users.

Some statistical data shows that iPad browsing accounts for up to 50% of the traffic some eCommerce websites receive on a consistent basis. Tablets have larger screens, so it may be tempting to think a standard website will work just as well on them. These desktop-based websites are actually not optimized for tablet browsing that involves pinching, swiping and scrolling.

Features and benefits of our tablet browser optimization process include:

• Familiar yet optimized interface
• Lean-back usability without interruption
• Faceted search
• Social media integration
• Companion hybrid apps

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