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Here at eCommerce South Africa, we love all things new and innovative but it’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane; especially when it comes to the big, pioneering companies that have shaped the internet to what it is today. Take a look through our blog post and see how every butterfly was really once a caterpillar…


Twitter, or rather, “TWTTA” had a completely different logo to what it currently has. It was launched in July 2006 and ever since then, has changed its interface more than 5 times.

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One of the first online navigational guides on the web, Yahoo (”yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”) started off with a simple interface and search bar.



This is one of our favorites… Amazon started out by selling books in 1995 and of course, has laid the foundation for online/ eCommerce internet shopping.

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Created in 2004 by the famous Mark Zuckerburg, it was originally called “TheFacebook”. It was intended only for use by the Harvard students. The font and the logo is still recognizable and the theme has somewhat carried through throughout the years.

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Launched in 2005, Youtube initially had not much videos ( as opposed to today). The very first video uploaded to the site was that of Youtube’s co-founders titled “Me at the Zoo".(Click here to see )

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The beloved and highly successful Google officially launched in September 1998. The theme and design hasn’t really changed much and back then, the simple interface was owing to the founder’s lack of HTML knowledge.

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