Golden Rules for newsletters

While we all know that newsletters serve as a great medium to connect with your subscribers; it’s also quite important to know how to relay all your exciting promo’s, deals and news in a manner that will incite more “action” from your customers. When we say “action” we actually mean sales. There’s nothing more morbid and downright disappointing spending time compiling an awesome newsletter, (well, awesome to you) and in return, getting little to no response from your audience.

Stats and numbers speak for themselves; if your newsletter click through rates aren’t looking too peachy, we suggest you read our points below on the considerations one should take when compiling a successful newsletter.



What’s the best content for a newsletter?

Whatever you want to showcase on your newsletter, know that there is a fine line between doing it right and coming across as simply annoying. In this instance, there are many approaches one can take;

  • Only valuable content- Don’t mention any of your products and deals at all. This is a good approach if you want to establish yourself as more of an expert on what you offer to your clients. Make sure it is interesting and concise; you don’t want to be reciting a whole novel.
  • Strictly Promotions- this is the opposite end approach to the above mentioned. Again, if it’s over done, it will ultimately result in a disinterest from your subscribers.
  • Unique content and promo’s- This is more of a holistic approach whereby you offer your customers the best of both worlds.

Value added information+ good promotional deal(s) = you on the right track

 Different styles of writing for newsletters

What perspective would you like to take on? It’s crucial that you/ your business/ your brand take on a unique theme that fits in with your company profile. Decide on what attitude you want to portray (is it humour, seriousness informative or a bit sarcastic) and stick to it.  Remember to do some research about your niche (your specifically targeted audience)- what is the next best thing that will magnetically link your theme to your audience?

How often should you email a newsletter??

Newsletter frequency is the next big priority. In essence, there really is no set times. It actually depends on when you feel it is right to send out a newsletter. Now, obviously don’t go bugging your clients every single day but its also important to gain a momentum/pattern and again, make sure you stick to it. If done properly, you will eventually find that your clients will start anticipating your next newsletter.


Who is your audience?

Is your business applicable to both genders and various age groups? If that’s the case, you can segment your audience and do numerous newsletters that appeal to age/class/gender respectively. For example, if you sell hair care products, you could focus on your male readers only, promoting your new product that prevents balding. Not so many women from ages 18-25 will really be interested in that, except if their partner’s or friends have that issue and they can recommend it to them. You can also send an “introduction newsletter” for those who have just signed up or send more frequent newsletters to your most loyal clients who buy from you regularly. Segmentation really can go that extra mile for you.

Know your newsletter stats

Be aware of what the stats say. With that being said, some stats can be unreliable. Open stats can be deemed a bit tricky and not always precise. The best way is to compare your stats to how many sales you did. Click through rates are a good feature and through ways of segmentation, you also get to know your audience a little bit better. Take note though that it doesn’t really give you the real value of a click. Lastly, remember to improve your unsubscribe rates- apart from offering rich content, make sure you clean out your mailing list and appropriately segment your users into different groups of interest within your niche.


At the crux of it all, everything boils down to testing. Take these factors into consideration;

What’s the best time to send your newsletter?

Best subject lines? (Read our article on subject lines here)

Is the style of writing ok?

Is it too lengthy? Are there enough visuals?

Are the subscribers getting irritated with frequent mails?

Most importantly, a test isn’t really a test without the valuable feedback of your clients. Encourage your clients to send you feedback and they will surely appreciate the opportunity too.


Ultimately, it’s all about getting those conversion rates and building a longstanding customer base. Each and every feature on your newsletter has to be thoroughly thought of. Know your audience and you will come to know good conversion rates.






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