Just how many South Africans buy online?

A report evaluating the impact that eCommerce sites have on South Africa can give us a bit more insight on what trends South Africans tend to adopt when it comes to buying online. There are some very interesting factors deduced from these results, released by effective measures.

South African online shopping

Just some of these stats include;

A surprising 23.17 % purchase online via their mobile phones.

More than 73% of online shoppers run their payment errands online; transfers, utility bills and generalised payments.

The most purchased products and or services that were bought online in 2013 were event tickets, computer software, airline tickets, hotel reservations and books.


Although the bulk of online purchases in South Africa derived from South African owned sites, many users still expressed concern of purchasing online owing to the fear of insecure online payment systems.


So what can we gather from these points?

Firstly, with mobile purchases on the rise, it is totally and utterly important to make sure that your ecommerce site is mobile friendly- meaning that it must be easy to surf one’s website via mobile phone. Not only will you run the risk of losing customers if it’s complicated to navigate through your website, but you also will get negative points from many search engines who deem your site ‘ mobile UNfriendly’ thus lowering your SEO stature. (Can you see how it all ties in?)


The fact that many users utilize the internet to pay mundane bills is portrays that South Africans are getting very tech-savvy- we don’t need to stand in bank queues anymore! A lot more consumers are realising the advantages of doing things online- This is brilliant, because this shows there is major opportunity to start becoming tech- savvy with your own business too!


But there is a downfall, from studying the stats one can see that South Africans tend to trust the bigger and most popular retail brands and it’s owing to their reasoning; they don’t really feel comfortable purchasing online due to payment systems that could perhaps result in fraud/ scams and theft.


With Credit cards being the most used option as payment amongst South Africans, (over 67%) ,  it should come as a no brainer that any and every eCommerce site needs the necessary security certification in place to ensure you are a trusted online merchant and one needs to exert piece of mind to your clients that they will not be scammed or robbed and that their banking details are safe and won’t be shared.


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