Phygital Marketing

While we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that digital marketing has become a fundamental part to any marketing strategy, it’s also important that physical retailers and shops cannot turn a blind eye to the “in-store” part of their campaign either.

Instore & digital marketing

Think of it as an ecosystem; each element has its own important role that both coincides and contributes to the goal. For retailers and store owners it has become somewhat of an art that needs to be mastered- a harmonic and successful synergy between physical and digital marketing.

This is the “phygital era’ where most retailers who have broadened their business to an ecommerce level, need to raise the bar in the physical aspect too and vice versa, if retailers have not yet put their branding stamp online, they will be sure to miss out on many potential sales.

To get the best of both worlds, it’s important to touch on both the physical and sub-conscious attributes of the consumer. Connecting the dots between the two forms a crucial part of any retailer’s marketing plan; enabling a multi- dimensional platform.

Here are a few examples on how this reach can be achieved;

Participation in online surveys and service ratings regarding in store experience.

This is an awesome marketing tactic that literally kills 4 birds with one stone. You are raising awareness that you have a digital presence that your customers can interact with, you are giving your consumers the opportunity to voice their opinions, you can gather quite a lot of insight and information based on customer’s feedback and you can obtain their emails (with their permission) that you can send them newsletters and promotions straight to their mailbox. What’s more, you could go a step further by offering them a discount upon completing the survey.

 Send a digital voucher that can be redeemed in-store.

This is a classic example of “phygital” integration. You can either initiate the campaign through your Twitter, Facebook or any other social media page. Additionally, you can send it via email to all your subscribers. This will evidently prompt the consumer to take the discount and physically go to the store to redeem the voucher. It’s another timeless forceful tactic, but done with taste and benefit to the consumer.

Promote online contests in- store and vice versa

Create a digital brand awareness to the feet tat walk into your store by advertising that you are currently having an exclusive Facebook competition. In order for anyone to participate, they will need to go online. The same can be done the other way around, you can digitally promote your in-store competitions and specials by advertising it digitally. This method creates an all-round “domino effect” – It’s another “kill 100 birds with one stone” story…

Encourage customers to communicate online

You can take the advantage of advertising in-store that not only can one follow you on Facebook or Twitter but they can send their queries and feedback on your social media pages too. Let you clients know that your customer services division has broadened digitally too, thus giving them another platform to express themselves. This depicts that your store and brand values their opinions and builds a trusty relationship.

As you can see, by equally distributing the marketing both online and physically, one can build a reputable awareness in all marketing dimensions, within any industry or niche; creating a successful synergy that will benefit both the retailer and end-user.

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