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Having an eCommerce shop is the equivalent to having a physical store; only difference is the virtual aspect. Creating an exciting and welcoming atmosphere in every aspect of your online shop will surely go a long way in reaching your target sales (and brand awareness of course).


In a physical store, the consumer can hold, touch and feel the product you are selling, however one obviously doesn’t get that advantage in an online store. Thus, it is very very (and we emphasize) VERY crucial to have an impeccable and clear display of your product pictures on your eCommerce store. We strongly emphasize on this key point with all our clients because their customers need a ‘feel’ of what they could potentially be purchasing and since it’s not available in the physical form, it certainly should look as virtually appealing as possible.


We have compiled a list of what is needed to create a clear, crisp and clean image of your product.

Image enlarger

Image enlrager

It’s always wise to have this tool on all your pictures as it will definitely show off your products detail. That way, your customer can see exactly how the product looks like and/or works.

High Definition

High definition

To be able to have a good view of pictures (even on the image enlarger) , taking pictures in high definition will always work to any eCommerce store’s advantage. Displaying a blurry photo will weaken your point of sale and ultimately your brand’s reputation.

360 degree rotation

Image rotation

This is a very wise marketing tactic for any eCommerce store as it will give your customers the ability to basically see your product “inside-out”

Bringing out the rainbow

Colour enhancements

Liven up your product imagery by using a photo editor. “Bringing out” certain colour features certainly makes one’s product that much more appealing.

Show the product in action

Product imagery

Its an awesome idea! Show how your product works or show it in action. That’s essentially what anyone wants to see before purchase. If it’s a garment, photograph it on a model. If it’s a couch, show how it fits into a certain space in the house.

Display colour availability

Colour product availability

Whatever you are selling, if it comes in various colours then SHOW it. It’s no secret that consumer’s love choice and if you offer that, you’re bound to subconsciously be added to your client’s “good books”.

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