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One of the biggest and most important factors of running a successful eCommerce store is having the correct and proper payment platforms but, with that also comes the responsibility of making sure that your online store is safe and secure from any spam,hacks or fraud.

The biggest secrets in the eCommerce industry today is having a safe and secure online store that will not only give your customer’s peace of mind but also boost your reputation amongst the online community. If you can get this right, chances are you will generate a lot more sales!

secure online payment


Take a look at our tips on securing an eCommerce website


PSI DSS Compliance

What’s that?? It’s the Payment Card Industry Standard compliance. It corresponds with your online merchant and payment gateway accounts. All accounts need to be compliant and usually that is up to the merchant to make sure every part of the payment process is secure and safe from hacking. Although in reality no website is ever full proof safe from hackers, by having these actions in place is a great preventative measure for both you and your customers.


SSL certification

This is basically a Secure Socket Layer protocol which uses a third party, normally called a CA ( Certificate Authority) that identifies if the website and it’s respective transactions are secure. This is normally provided by major and worldwide recognised payment gateways and the ‘stamp’ is normally provided by these payment gateways that you have signed up with.



Make sure there is a firewall in place. This is typically provided by your hosting company but it is always important to know if in fact this feature is in place as it provides protection should anyone wish to hack your site.


Social proof

This is an extra feature that should be added to any eCommerce site. It portrays a sense of brand power, influence and just how relevant your business is to people.  When people see there is somewhat a substantial amount of clients connected to you either through social media or directly to your site, it creates a trustworthy ambience to your business. You can achieve this by adding a Facebook or Twitter counter to your home page. See examples below


Also, another alternative to the trusted word-of-mouth scenario is by using product reviews and ratings under each product or service on your site. Like that your visitors and customers will be able to see what others have said about your services and merchandise and from that (if its positive ratings) can deduce whether or not it would be worthwhile purchasing from you.


By taking all of the above mentioned factors into consideration, you are guaranteed in having a safe and secure online environment that will be appreciated by your existing customers and will certainly attract new one’s too.


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