Think Big- Think Digital

Just like when Brain told Pinky that he wants to take over the world with his genius world domination plans, it is also what a business owner/ marketer wants to do too when it comes to brand exposure and marketing; Welcome to the digital marketing era- it literally is taking over the world.

Digital marketing

With more and more people depending on online platforms as a means of communicating, it is then safe to say that more and more businesses (no matter the size) should be focusing on this route too. Why buy an actual newspaper when you can see the latest stories on your Twitter feed? Why make a costly call when you can practically chat for free with your loved ones on Facebook messenger? Why add another leaflet to your already annoying collection when you can just view a store’s promotions on their website? (You save the environment too BTW)

Thus, the simplicity of doing things the digital way in all aspects of our lives gives a clear indication for all businesses to adapt in this manner too.

Still not convinced? Take a read through our top 5 Benefits of embracing digital marketing;

Size does NOT matter

When your website is updated, modern and has all the razzle dazzle to it, you can actually compete with any of your competitors in your industry or niche irrespective of size. In a traditional setting, size would matter and it would be almost impossible to contend with the big boys. However, if you can offer the same value as the rest, you already right up in the league.


Save your coinage

By advertising digitally, ( even through multiple platforms), you can reduce your costs owing to the fact that traditional channels, such as radio, billboard and magazines will cost you a lot more. Going digital is like going green, it implies that no costs for transport, paper and /or distribution will be incurred.


Real-time Analytics

One of the best parts about digital marketing is that, unlike traditional methods, you actually get to measure in real-time what campaign is ultimately working or not. Amongst many other things, you can also measure traffic to your site ( how much traffic is derived from a specific campaign), get insight on your posts reach on Facebook, email click through rates ( to learn more about executing a successful email campaign, click here) and most importantly, how many click through rates convert to actual sales.


Opt out

The digital means allows that the bulk of your campaign is carried out in a non-intrusive manner. The fact that clients get to opt out from mail subscribing lists, Facebook business pages and many other platforms is a very important role. Gone are the days of intrusive phone calls and unwanted mail- that in itself already creates some piece of mind for the end user as they are now capable of deciding for themselves and choice is a very fulfilling, powerful tool.


Brand exposure

With just one click, your campaign can be seen worldwide, or better yet, you can even target a specific location and niche. The choices really are endless when it comes to online marketing. A billboard can only be viewed by a select few, costing you way more with a very limited exposure.


So there you have it, we have weighed up the pretty awesome advantages that online marketing and advertising has to offer and its pretty safe to conclude that online marketing IS the way to go!


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