eCommerce Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are one of the biggest platforms being used for online shopping. Why not let us create a user-friendly mobile app for your eCommerce store to boost sales? 

Mobile Commerce is a simple feature for the end-user to utilize and we therefore strive to offer the best, convenient mobile solutions for your online business, making your digital presence so much more powerful and enabling an opportunity to flourish in all online spectrum's.


Payment gateways can be embedded with all recommended options such as, PayPal, EFT option, Credit card and so much more. We also have the ability to develop a tailor-made payment option that fits your needs and criteria.


Product appeal is a very important angle in any online shop, we offer you a grand choice of friendly-enabled functionality to add to your shopping app; these include and are not limited to product list sorting, zoom functionality , out of stock and/or stock availability status and many more.


A convenient and vital integration of shipping methods can be easily embedded to the mobile app store. eCommerce South Africa offers you the choice of adding any shipping options, thus promoting convenience to both your customers and yourself.

User Account Admin

An integral part of an online store is the ability to enhance customer interaction by making it easier to manage account user's activities. Together with an endless list of factors such as user login, registration, order page and purchase history, we also undertake customized requests to suit your eCommerce needs.

Mobile Operating Systems

Here at eCommerce South Africa, we don't discriminate amongst any operating platforms. We make sure our development is thoroughly optimized and supported for all mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Thus ensuring that no matter what your customer's personal preference, they will still have top- class navigation on your site.

Easy Synchronisation

Any changes and/or updates made to your website will be reflected on the mobile app as well. Product changes, categories, catalogue amendments and updates will reflect simultaneously once any changes have been made.

Themes & Customisation


Push notifications

User Friendly Designs